Small loan

General Principles of the small loan

  • Uncovered amount of the small loan is between 500-2000 EUR;
  • Period 6-36 monts;
  • Interest from 15% of the loan amount per year;
  • Personal payment schedule;
  • 18-65 year olds can apply for the small loan (provided that all the loans have been repaid by the age of 65);
  • The applicant ‘s income is at least 400 EUR per month;

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Monthly annuity payment
The gross amount of the credit
Cost of credit %
Apply for a loan

The results of current calculator are approximate and illustrative. More precise information about borrowing related costs can be found here.


Personal information

Residental address and earnings


The loan amount and period


Annual Percentage Rate of Charge is 32,61% per year based on following terms:

  • Loan amount 1000 EUR;
  • loan period 1 years;
  • contract fee 10 EUR;
  • interest rate 15% from loan amount;
  • monthly payment 95,83 EUR.

Annual Percentage Rate of Charge calculation is based on assumption that principal and interest need to be paid back by monthly annuity payments. The summarized cost of credit is 1159,96 EUR during the 1 year.