Mortgage loan


  • Loans starting from 2000 EUR;
  • Loan maturity 1-20 years;
  • Fixed interest rate thoughout the loan period, starting from 1,25% a month (15% a year);
  • Loan amounts usually are below 60% of the market value of the collateral;
  • The payment schedule is agreed individually and it is possible to choose between various repayment options;
  • Loan applications are welcomed between ages 18-75 (with the assumption that loan is repaid by the age of 75);
  • If needed, a grace period of 6 months can be provided for loan repayments.




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The results of current calculator are approximate and illustrative. More precise information about borrowing related costs can be found here.

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  • A loan is a serious and important financial obligation, involving risks. Think your loan decision carefully, examine terms and conditions and if necessary, consult with an expert.
  • Taking a loan is related to insurance and mortgage costs. These can differ according to price list of the service provider and govertment state duty. Annual Percentage Rate of Charge does not include these costs. The real estate provided as collateral must be insured on conditions set out in the loan agreement.
  • A contract fee has to be paid. Please find the contact fees of Finora Capital OÜ from the price list.
  • Final interest rate assigned on the loan agreement and fixed for all loan period.
  • Your loan application will be answered in a day


The cost of credit is 16,53% in a year with following conditions of the example:

  • Loan amount 5000 euro;
  • Loan period 10 years;
  • Agreement fee 75 euro;
  • Interest rate 15% a year;
  • Monthly payment 80,67 euro.

The cost is calculated with the assumption that monthly annuity payments are used. The gross amount of the credit over 10 year period is 9755,10 euro.