Hire purchase

General principles of the hire purchase

  • Amounts from 75€;
  • Period from 4 to 48 months;
  • Fixed interest rate among the whole installment period;
  • Self-financing from 0%;
  • We do the payment schedules personally;
  • 18-65-years-old person can apply (assumption: loan must be paid before 65th birthday);

Opportunity of collaboration

Finora Capital offers a personal approach, automated system of making decisions and quick reaction.

If you have an interest to collaborate and you want to offer your clients the opportunity of hire purchase, please contact us info@finoracapital.eu



Monthly annuity payment
The gross amount of the credit
Cost of credit %
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The results of current calculator are approximate and illustrative. More precise information about borrowing related costs can be found here.


Personal information


Annual Percentage Rate of Charge is 19,47% per year based on following terms:

  • sum of installment 2000 EUR;
  • period of loan 3 years;
  • contract fee 25 EUR;
  • interest rate 17%;
  • monthly annuity payment 71,31 EUR.

Annual Percentage Rate of Charge calculation is based on assumption that principal and interest need to be paid back by monthly annuity payments. The summarized cost of credit is 2 592,16 EUR during the 3 years.

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