Factoring terms and conditions

Using a factoring gives an opportunity for a small and medium-sized enterprise to control the supply of money giving bills to the Finora Capital.

Factoring terms and conditions:

  • Advance payment: 85%;
  • Credit period: up to 75 days;
  • Payment for signing a contract: 0€;
  • Payment for setting the factoring limit: 0€;
  • Monthly payment: single bill – 0€, longer-term contract with multiple bills 25€ per month. The payment does not depend on amount of bills.

If you are interested in controlling your current capital giving bills to Finora Capital send us an e-mail to info@finoracapital.eu or call to (+372) 6581300

Why do you need to use a factoring of finora capital?

  • You do not need to pay for signing
  • We have no minimum limit of bills
  • We don’t require long-term contractsWe do a money transfer quickly, in case of long-term partners in less than 12h
  • We deal with all clients. It does not depend on your sector of activity
  • We have cooperation agreements with largest retail distributors in Estonia
  • We give feedback quickly
  • We offer the best service both in Estonian and in Russian languages

Sensible financing solution for small enterprises

Entrepreneurs are inspired and motivated to do business. The success of small enterprises depends on customers’ payment behavior. To maintain the ability to compete small entrepreneurs have to maintain business ties with big redistributors. Due to this kind of cooperation the level of revenues increases, but on the other hand the risk from long payment periods also raises. For this reason a successful period for a small business can change into more challenging one as the period of payment can be prolonged for more than a month and suitable financial solutions cannot be found. One of the options then is factoring or discounted sale of invoices.

Finora Capital is an Estonian capital based company which offers advantageous and flexible financial opportunities for customers. The factoring is one of them. It has become quite popular in the world, especially among small enterprises. Our aim is to help SMEs to grow and develop. For this reason we have introduced a service which is mostly directed to SMEs for whom financing from big banks is too expensive and complicated. Our main advantage is absence of minimum financing limit and of binding contracts. Our service is personal, professional and quick.

Invoice Amount
Payment Period

Advance payment
Factoring cost
Final payment

The results of current calculator are approximate and illustrative. More precise information about borrowing related costs can be found here.