Finora Capital is an Estonian capital based company that wishes to offer to its clients flexible and favourable financing opportunities. We are not competing with retail banks and don’t want to be associated with fast credit companies.

Interaction with us is smooth and easy. Based on our combined 75 years experience in international banking, leasing and corporate finance we are able to provide trustworthy and suitable financing opportunities for private persons and companies.

Why to choose us?

Borrowing and putting your home as a collateral to a loan should be considerate decision. That is why we also do not promise a loan decision in 15 minutes. What we do promise is that our interest rates are never above 25% and we will find a solution that is most suitable for you. Be it for home renovation, establishment of a family business, paying for foreign college studies or something else.

Please contact us and let’s make your dreams come true. The team of Finora Capital has combined over 75 years of experience in international banking, leasing and corporate finance business.


Anoly Gilden

Head of Credit in Estonia
+372 520 6820

Cäty Õunloo

Business Client relationship manager
+372 513 3083

Ruth Pallo

Loan manager
+372 658 1301

Triin Tšeprassov

Loan manager
+372 658 1300

Merle Saks

Credit Manager
+372 658 1380

Kristi Hõrrak

Financial Director/CFO
+372 658 1300

Andrus Alber

Co-founder and CEO
+372 658 1300

Alar Tõru

Leasing manager
+372 658 1300

Aurelijus Šveikauskas

CEO of UAB „Finora kreditas” and country manager of Finora Capital
+370 686 69362

Supervisory board

Veikko Maripuu

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Vahur Kraft

Member of the Supervisory Board

Rein Ojavere

Member of the Supervisory Board

Indrek Randveer

Member of the Supervisory Board